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Decatur, GA. 1964

"SO DEAR TO MY HEART" played at The Decatur Theatre from Dec.10, 1964 to Dec.24, 1964
"Father Goose" started Christmas Day 1964.

Caption for Dec. 64 (top) photo:
Decatur, GA.
More than 500 persons turned out to see the first Sunday movie in Decatur in 7 years.
The film was Walt Disney's "So Dear to My Heart." The Decatur City Commission lifted the
ban on Sunday movies more than a week ago, but owner Fred Storey decided to open for
Sunday audiences with the Disney picture. Sunday movies have been prohibited in Decatur
for more than 18 years. For a brief period in 1957 the ban was lifted.

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Christmas Day Attraction "FATHER GOOSE"

A Special Premiere Presentation Christmas Attraction
Starts Christmas Day 1964

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