Thursday, August 21, 2008

Architect Depicts Decatur's Proposed Theatre

1940 Article

A preview of Decatur's proposed $30,000 (which ended up costing $75,000) theatre and store development on which work is expected to begin in two weeks, is seen in Architect Norman Stambaugh's drawing of a modern building to be erected on North McDonough Street by executors of the A.S. Turner estate. A 15-year lease on the theatre, calling for aggregate rental of $70,000.00 has been signed by Mion & Murray, operators of the Rialto and other Atlanta theatres. In addition to the moving picture house, the building will include a store unit on each side of the theatre entrance and offices on the second floor. The air-conditiond playhouse will have a seating capacity of 750. Wheat Williams of Williams & Bone, of Decatur, handled the transaction.

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