Monday, August 18, 2008

The Decatur Theatre

© COLOR by Whitefield
1940 article

Desire To Beautify Decatur Caused Turners to Build Theatre.
Owners of Theatre,Two of Community's Most Progress Citizens, Cite Three Reasons

The building which houses Decatur's new $75,000.00 theatre is owned by two of the community's most progressive and influential citizens, Mell and Carlton Turner, the owners of trinity Chapel, and sons of the last Mr. A.S. Turner, and Mrs. Turner.
The owners gave three reasons for their decision to erect a theatre on the property:
1. Desire to improve the property to such an extent that it would greatly improve the appearance of the Decatur business section and stimulate others to modernize outmoded structures here. (This evidently has been accomplished since a number of other buildings have been improved or are now being improved since the work started.)
2. Belief in the future growth of Decatur.

3. Confidence in the ability of Mion and Murray to operate a high class theatre which will please Decatur people and stimulate good, clean entertainment for the city.

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