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This is a 1940's article.

Turners Construct Modern Building For 'The Decatur'
John Thompson Manages Theatre for Mion and Murray, Operators of the Rialto.

The Decatur Theatre, Decatur, Georgia's new $75,000. theatre, modern in every detail and one of the finest entertainment houses in the metropolitan area, will have its official opening Tuesday night, it was announced this week by the management.
Opening of the new theatre is a much looked forward to event since no expense has been spared in the construction in order that it may provide the latest in construction and technical developments for the entertainment of Decatur and Dekalb County theatre goers.
Tuesday's offical opening will be in the form of a dedication program, starting at 8 o'clock, to which heads of local civic organizations, clubs and city and county officials will be invited.
Prior to the official opening, however, an afternoon performance will be shown, for which the box office will open at 2 o'clock.

Building Fireproof
Every precaution has been inaugurated to make the building thoroughly safe. Its construction is of fireproof material throuhg-out, and the projection room is equipped with a single entrance, protected by a heavy fire door, and automatic devices which close over slots in front of the room in case of fire.

Air Conditioned
The building is equipped with Carrier's refrigerated air conditioning which assures healthful and comfortable temperature the year round.
The 756 seats in the theatre in the theatre are of the latest and most scientific design for comfort built by American Seating Company. Alexander-Smith's famous deep pile Crestwood carpets will be used throughout.
The projection booth will have the very best in motion picture equipment, including Simplex projection machines, Magna Are lamps and Simplex sound built from the specifications of Western Electric. The Walkers Perfeccted White Screen, designed for restful enjoyment and perfect vision, will be used, and the stage itself is equipped to handle every type of stage show and presentation.

Built by Turners
The Decatur Theatre was built by Mell and Carlton Turner,two of Dekalb County's leading citizens,and will be operated by Mion & Murray,operators of the Rialto Theatre in Atlanta. This in itself gives assurance to the people of Decatur and Dekalb County that they will have a clean and well managed theatre with the very finest motion pictures available. Lessees of the theatre told The New Era this week they feel fortunate in having secured the services of John Thompson as manager. He has been a resident of Decatur for a number of years and has many friends here.

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